Calendly Alternatives and Competitors

By Karen Collective Published On 13 December 2019 , Updated On 13 December 2019

Calendly Online scheduling Alternatives
Calendly Alternatives and Competitors
  1. Hubspot
  4. 10to8
  5. CozyCal
  6. Plann3r
  8. FreeBusy
  9. neatCal
  10. CoreUM
  11. WhenWorks
  12. Microsoft Bookings
  13. Cirrus Insight
  14. Booker
  15. Appointlet
  16. AppointmentCore
  17. Appointy
  18. Drift


User finds the platform is extremely user-friendly. It’s easy to use and easy to learn. Hubspot makes it easy to manage campaigns and the assets that comprise those campaigns, from social to landing pages, to blogs. Hubspot also makes it extremely easy to manage contactsUser found that Sometimes if a workflow is not working correctly, it’s really hard to figure out why & it’s caused issues with students falling through the cracks on our marketing efforts. The email design tools are very hard to use if you don’t have any coding experience
How much does Hubspot cost?
- Marketing Hub Free : $0/month
- Marketing Hub Starter : $50/month
- Marketing Hub Professional : $800/month
- Marketing Hub Enterprise : $3800/month

User finds the design is really beautiful and it is really reliable. Managing clients has never been this easy. is really useful for all kinds of businesses especially for people who want to balance their work life and personal life.User is not being able to customize each link to a different time zone, not being able to make group bookings and not being able to choose which links are active and which aren’t.
How much does cost?
- Baic : $0
- Pro : $8/month
- Enterprise : Chat with Us


User like the ease of setting up 10to8 with various different services and the options you have. Paid bookings, free bookings, the fact the system sends reminder messages is very useful.User found that the software was confusing to use. The interface just wasn’t very user friendly.Unfortunately, many clients cannot schedule appointments using their iPhones.
How much does 10to8 cost?
- Free Forever Plan
- Basic Plan
- Grow Plan
- Bigger Business Plan
- Enterprise Plan


User like the ease of use and it’s appearance. From the user, it’s SO easy to use. Set up was a breeze. Integrating it to the website was easy.User find it hard to track with google analytics. I was trying to track how many bookings I had got. But was unable.
How much does CozyCal cost?
- Starter : $0
- Pro : $15/month


User find productivity, ease to use, seamlessly integrations & supportUser can’t use “planning meetings” as an excuse for a lack of time.
How much does Plann3r cost?
- Free Trial
- Plus : €3 / month
- Professional : €9,99 / month
- Enterprise : On Demand


User find easy to use and intuitiveUser find paid tier links yield “Internal Server Error”. No way to upgrade from the free tier? And no O365 sync.
How much does neatCal cost?
- Free : $0/lifetime
- Solo : $4.90/month
- Pro : $9.90/month
- Premium : $19.90/month


User find a much easier way to schedule appointments with external attendees. Easy to use. Intuitive interface.User find the fact there is no option to create a meeting (you need to send out meeting then “lock in date” this send multiple emails) also not being able to change a date without removing the meeting and creating a new one.
How much does CoreUM cost?
- Free : CAD $0/lifetime
- VIP : CAD $39/year
- Corporate : CAD $299/year - (pricing varies based on number of organizers).


User find it Support for multiple calendar accounts and have Mobile phone appUser finds there is No 3rd-party integration and Seized operations
How much does WhenWorks cost?
- Free : $0
- Pro : $5/month

Microsoft Bookings

User find easy to set-up. Customers like it and use itUser finds it was not easy to maintain. I had issues syncing calendars. We missed appointments and had lots of miscommunication.
How much does Microsoft Bookings cost?
- Microsoft Bookings is currently available as part of Office 365 Business Premium subscriptions.
- ₹ 660.00 user/month

Cirrus Insight

User find ease of use, UI, and streamlined ability to update records and activity in SalesforceUser finds the connection to Gmail breaks often and people end up not realize their emails/calendars are not being synced
How much does Cirrus Insight cost?
- Free Trial
- Starter : $36/user/month
- Closer : $60/user/month


User truly like the ease of use of the product arrangement, particularly the simplified interface. There are many blessing testament structures too, and you can likewise transfer a custom blessing declaration plan.User finds the downside to being a web-based software: if the server is down or there is an issue with the website, you cannot access your calendar or your point of sale system.
How much does Booker cost?
- Essential : $129/month
- Accelerate : $195/month
- Ultimate : $395/month


User finds easy to get started, reasonable out of the box defaults, google calendar integration, works seamlessly.User finds the phone number or zoom room used to book the appointment isn’t always copied into my Google calendar, so they have to go back into Appointlet to find the contact information.
How much does Appointlet cost?
- 15-day free trial
- Startup: $0
- Premium: $8/member/month


Users love that clients can book appointments directly with me in real time. Appointment Core connects my calendar to my booking link and allows for automatic confirmations.Users finds Sometimes the booking links will be set up to send calendar invites to certain employees, but the event will still show up on other employee calendars regardless of how the link was set up.
How much does AppointmentCore cost?
- 30-day free trial
- Personal: $27/month
- Team: $47/month
- Professional: $87/month


Users love the simplicity of Setup, Use, UI, UX, thoughtfulness, Configurability of features, ControlUsers finds If new booking user hasn’t confirmed his email address, Appointy still books this user into the schedule, hence you get a no-show, causing you to lose money and your staff getting angry for lost time slot
How much does Appointy cost?
- 14-day free trial
- Pro Plan - $19.99/month
- Business Plan - $39.99/month
- Enterprise Plan - $59.99/month


Users find Drift is easy to implement and an extremely powerful tool for increasing conversion on your website by directly engaging visitors.Users find spam bots get through quite often. Seems like they need more security on the portal. Had to remove it due to this.
How much does Drift cost?
- Free: $0
- Starter: $50/month
- Pro: $500/month
- Company: $1000/month
- Enterprise: $5000/month


No ReviewNo Review
How much does FreeBusy cost?
- Personal : $0
- Professional : $4/monthly
- Business : $12/monthly
- Enterprise :$20/monthly

No ReviewNo Review
How much does cost?
- Pro-Monthly : $12.00/month.

No ReviewNo Review
How much does cost?
- Individual : $0
- Team : $10/user/month
- Enterprise : Custom Plan

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