Calendly vs Appointy Comparison and Review 2020

By Karen Collective Published On 14 August 2019 , Updated On 14 August 2019

Calendly vs Calendly alternatives Online appointment scheduling Calendly Appointy
Calendly vs Appointy Comparison and Review 2020

Booking your future appointments through just few clicks on your phone, tablet or computer has become a comforting solution in recent times. Out of so many Online Appointment Scheduling Systems out there, we are comparing today two of the most talked-about Systems; Calendly and Appointy. The detailed comparisons would give you a better insight into which software is best-suited for your business needs.

1. How does the dashboards of the two softwares look like?

When it comes to presentation, Calendly takes a simplistic and minimal approach. There are no icons popping out of here and there. It only showcases the necessary options to be used.


Whereas Appointy has professional statistics laid out about the whole business. It measures client satisfaction rate, actual sales as well as estimated sales. It provides a clearer understanding of business performance.

2. How do the booking pages compare?

For bookings, Calendly allows clients to just click on the web link, surf through the kind of service they want and choose a definite date and time of appointment. Once they confirm it, they have to fill in the Name, Email and the details of appointment (optional). A notification is sent to the client’s email address and that’s all.

Appointy, on the other hand, has the option of in-take forms along with the basic credentials which allow clients to book an appointment and fill in the details as per the format and fields prescribed already. It allows choosing Add-On services and books multiple services at a time.

3. Calendly’s Big Integrations Vs Appointy’s Restricted Integrations

Calendly goes out and about for shaking hands with many of the prominent sites and systems. It has ties with :

  • External Calendars: Google Calendar, iCloud, Office 365
  • Payment tools: PayPal and Stripe
  • Business Softwares: Zapier, Google Analytics, GoToMeeting, Intercom, Zoom and many more.

Appointy holds back when it comes to integration as it has very limited connections. Few of the connected platforms include Google Calendar, PayPal, Authority.Net, Zapier and Wordpress.

4. Calendly’s Customer Contacts Vs Appointy’s Customer Directory

One of the features where Calendly lags behind is maintaining an organized customer database. In Calendly, there is no provision of storing past appointments of clients, their attendance or cancellation records and the contact information.

Appointy really goes above and beyond while offering features that help you improvise and strengthen customer relationships. Customers' information is stored in a well-managed customer database. It helps the business in knowing their buying preferences, history and such other necessary information which are valuable for marketing decisions. It also allows you to categorize customers as per their activities and feedbacks which are fruitful in offering services in the group collectively.

5. Calendly’s Extensive Customization Vs Appointy’s Resourceful Customization

Calendly’s ‘Template’ section is a whole new world of exploration where you can customize your appointments and events as per your preference and availability. You can describe the event type, set up reminders and notifications, choose payment methods and much more. In the ‘Advanced’ option, you can define the maximum number of events, minimum time of cancellation notice, introduce buffer time before and after events and such other customization as needed.

Appointy also has its own area of customization. Unlike Calendly, it focuses on the customization for customers. The personalized In-Take forms, different Add-On services and Resources Scheduling are some value addition in this Online Scheduling App.

6. Calendly vs Appointy Target Customers

Calendly is preferable for businesses where there is plenty of online booking of appointments and you want to save time in sending emails to clients for each meeting. If you offer group schedulings like conducting a seminar, workshops or training programs, Calendly is the aptest solution for you. For taking complete control over your meeting schedule without worrying about adjusting time zones, notifying clients and double booking, Calendly comes in most handy in the simplest way possible. Want to book an appointment, you are just one click away.

Appointy supports businesses with varying client portfolios like Salon and Beauty, Healthcare, Fitness and Recreation, Professional Services and so on. Appointy takes care of all your appointment activities irrespective of the size of your business. With its effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Appointy helps to focus more on Customer data and information. With so many features and a well-designed interface, Appointy has a sophisticated approach when it comes to online booking.

7. Calendly vs Appointy Pricing

Calendly is a pocket-friendly system that has a free version, a premium version and a pro version.

Free Version comes for Free

Premium Version comes for $8 USD per user / per month

Pro Version comes for $12 per user / per month

Details of pricing with features for calendly can be found on Calendly pricing page

The pricing structure of Appointy comes in with extra smart features and accessibilities. The systems allow 14 days of a free trial.

Appointy with its four-tier pricing mechanism ranges from a free version to paying almost $80 per month. It goes like this:

Free Version (Basic Features)

Growth Version $19.99 p.m. (Billed Annually)

Professional Version $49.99 p.m. (Billed Annually)

Enterprise Version $79.99 p.m. (Billed Annually)

Details of Appointy pricing with features can be found on Appointy Pricing Page

8. Here is our comparison for both the softwares

Calendly Pros

  • What makes Calendly stand out is it allows setting schedule for different events and customizing the schedule with blocking time slots and adding buffer times.
  • The user interface is simple and can be used by any newbie without much hassle. Most of the positive reviews that come in are about how easy this app is and that saves a lot of time and effort.
  • It is worth to mention that it is one of the few scheduling apps that have the option of recurring appointments and group scheduling.
  • The email integration works for greater benefits as it sends timely reminders to clients and reduces no-show rates.

Calendly Cons:

  • It is a web-based scheduling system. Users with Android or iOS devices cannot access Calendly without turning on their web browsers.
  • The lack of customer orientation makes it difficult to keep track of client appointment history and information.
  • Calendly doesn’t actually show detailed analysis of performance or records of meetings which makes it hard to follow through.
  • The initial set up requires a bit of extra effort as the interface is too minimalistic.

Appointy Pros

  • The availability of this system across all the major platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows makes it easily accessible for users.
  • The use of customer forms, extensive database and interactions with customers keeps the business in constant touch with clientele.
  • Appointy is a solution for almost all kinds of business needs such as Salon and Beauty, Healthcare, Fitness and Recreation, Professional Services, Government etc.
  • In addition to scheduling meetings, clients can also book different resources as per their needs. The scope of customization is huge.

Appointy Cons

  • The entire interface looks cluttered and complex. It is not simple to use Appointy in one go.
  • Quite an expensive deal as compared to similar online scheduling systems, particularly Calendly.
  • Appointy does not integrate with many of the popular applications and programs which restrict its use.

9. What influencers are saying about these online appoint scheduling softwares?


The Sales Evangelist member, Donald C Kelly, says “The team understands the challenges in coordinating calendars and that’s why I love Calendly. This tool is perfect for ensuring that your schedules are well planned and plotted."

Ozi Udezue, Founding Partner of Kernel Fund says “Calendly is an iceberg. On the surface, it’s a way to externalize your calendar. Below that, it’s valuable for Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, enterprise teams and so much more."


CUE Market Place mentions “Appointy maintains your current customer’s interest through loyalty programs and creates more business through recurring bookings. With Appointy your company will save time on manual bookings and will be able to focus more on building and running the business."

10. What users are saying about these softwares?


Mr. Todd, working at Happiness Lead, writes, “Working at a remote company with 90+ people, and specifically on a team of about 20, searching for available time slots in Google Calendar can be VERY time-consuming and challenging. With Calendly you are instantly shown the times available for the person you’d like to meet with."

Mr. David, a Producer, expresses, “I even use it to schedule meetings with producers about projects, not just my counseling clients. Custom links, buffering and limit to events per day. It is awesome!"


According to Mr. Brad, “The best part of Appointy is the ability to set regular and irregular availabilities and unavailabilities for each service tech. We have a pretty unique schedule for our team that rotates between A and B schedules every two weeks. Although it was a bit challenging to set up and required a workaround or two, we were able to set it up in Appointy where other scheduling software would have failed."

Mr. Esteban, a Lead Developer writes, “Appointy has a search engine that not only allows you to search but also allows you to book services in your area. If you own a business that agrees with ‘appointment by phone’, then you can start accepting online bookings from users on the site and grow your business exponentially."

We hope the comparison of both the softwares have helped you arrive at making an intelligent and well-informed decision on which software to pick.

While building Karen, we studied all the important scheduling applications. Unlike Calendly Karen allows

  • Scheduling of recurring group events.
  • Helps you save customer history and data for context and future use.
  • Meeting Analytics, Meeting Reviews in an intuitive dashboard.
  • Karen takes only 2 minutes to setup, it is that simple.

Unlike Appointy, Karen allows

  • A simple and intuitive dashboard.
  • We offer similar features at a much reduced cost.
  • We offer multiple integrations, this has been one of our major focus.

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