Doodle Poll Alternatives and Competitors

By Karen Collective Published On 13 December 2019 , Updated On 13 December 2019

Doodle Online scheduling Alternatives Comparisons
Doodle Poll Alternatives and Competitors

If you have been looking for a tool to help you schedule group appointments, you have probably come across Doodle. Doodle has some great features, but it’s not suited for all businesses. Explore the top five Doodle alternatives.

Doodle is an online appointment scheduling solution that offers polls, surveys, bookable calendar, and other features for booking appointments. The tool is popular among businesses of all sizes for its ease of use, quick setup, and integrations.

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Despite Doodle’s many features, it may not be the right fit for all businesses. Doodle primarily supports poll creation,and the free plan does not offer much. There are other alternatives to Doodle that provide equally good functionalities at comparable or lower prices. In this article we present to you a few of the most prominent Doodle Alternatives:

  1. Woven Calendar
  3. Xoyondo
  4. ZVite
  5. Meetingbird
  6. LettuceMeet
  7. PollUnit
  8. Framadate
  9. Dudle
  10. When2meet
  11. Campstarter

Woven Calendar

User like that Woven puts them in control of their time and makes it easy to schedule important events.User found that the app is sometimes a little slow and the mobile scheduling on iOS could be more pronounced.
How much does Woven Calender cost?
- Woven is free during our beta period.


User found It is very simple to choose several potential dates for a meeting and to create the poll where everybody can vote and Many option to customize your meeting pollsUser found the tool is purely web-based. I think an Android/Iphone app would make certain things easier.Alerts/Notifications is not available
How much does Xoyondo cost?
- Xoyondo comes with Standard Version Always free with limited features.
- Premium : $29 / year
- Business : $55 / user / year


Users finds Scheduling automation at its finest. Love the Zoom integration.Users wish it would better interfere across Safari interfaces.
How much does Meetingbird cost?
- Standard : Free


User like good simple solution, web app, free, user friendly, good color choicesUser find Minimalistic feature sets might not tailor to all use cases yet. There’s no automatic time conversion right now.
How much does LettuceMeet cost?
- LettuceMeet is providing free trial


User found Framadate is simple to use, is ad-free, runs on free software and is operated by the Framasoft team - a non-profit helping make free software accessible.User found when you set to copy first date time to the following dates, it only does it for the first three times, unless you manually create all those boxes available, which is half of the work of doing everything manually.
How much does Framadate cost?
- Framadate comes with Standard Version free .


Users finds fantastic design and incredibly easy to useUsers couldn’t figure out how to avoid double-bookings. Invitee is told they’d get a confirmation by inviter, but that function does not exist within zvite.
How much does ZVite cost?
- Sign Up Free

User find it very convenient tool for organizing meeting, calls and various appointments by sending a single link.Connect the calendar app you use and simply send the link to your contactUser find a very simple app with little room for issues.
How much does cost?
- provide 14 days free trial
- Premium $8/month
- Enterprise Custom pricing


User find various possibilities to easily configure, evaluate and export the voting. There are new features every month and the support team is very helpful and open to new ideas.No Reviews
How much does PollUnit cost?
- PollUnit subscriptions come with limited features on free plans.
- Premium with 6 euro
- Business with 18 euro
- Enterprise with 54 euro



No ReviewsNo Reviews
How much does Dudle cost?
- Its free and open source


No ReviewsNo Reviews
How much does When2meet cost?
- When2meet is free


No ReviewsNo Reviews
How much does Campstarter cost?
- Campstarter is free

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