Free Booking Plugin for Wordpress

By Karen Collective Published On 18 February 2020 , Updated On 18 February 2020

Plugins Booking Wordpress
Free Booking Plugin for Wordpress

In this post you are going to read our review for the best booking plusing for wordpress.

We have reviewed over 25+ plugins and brought the best of them for this article. If you have been wrapping your head about which booking plugin you should be using then this article will definitely point you in the right direction.

Let us dive in, straight with the comparison!

Comparision of Different Plugin

To summarise here is a summary of the comparison.


Modern Events Calendar Lite

WordPress event calendar plugin is a trending FREE tool used for managing events in websites. Modern Events Calendar is a responsive, mobile-friendly, FREE, and comprehensive events management plugin which is extremely user-friendly and well-designed for displaying the events calendar on the websites, ever easier.


WordPress event calendar

  • Modern Events Calendar has been created according to trending design methods and latest technology with attractive design based on practical concept of design.
  • We gathered all features of event calendar as you desire with advanced booking system (Pro Version) and many other useful options which are practical in real world!
  • Using Modern Events Calendar Lite, you can create different single or recurring events and show them in frontend of your website using many modern skins and styles.
  • Fortunately, though WordPress doesn’t enable these functions out of the box, there’s a plugin you can use. Modern Events Calendar is an easy way to manage events of all kinds on your WordPress site. As the name suggests, the core benefit of Modern Events Calendar is that it lets you create an events calendar that looks pretty great out of the box. That latter part is important because some popular event calendar plugins require a lot of custom styling to make them look good, which is tough if you don’t know your way around CSS.
It is a perfect calendar plugin that even in its free version does the same and more than other paid plugins. Easy to use and configure.We are not allowed to delete Credit Card informations after a purchase that should not be stored in the first place.Give us the possibility to delete it, like it should be in by default.
The calendar designs have more variety and look better than many of the competitors and, crucially for my project, the calendar view widget looks good. Combine that with a buy-once-to-own premium price, instead of a yearly subscription, and I’m impressed.will not install, will ask unnecessary spammy permissions.

Appointment Hour Booking – WordPress Booking

Appointment Hour Booking is a WordPress plugin for creating booking forms for appointments with a start time and a defined duration over a schedule. The start time is visually selected by the end user from a set of start times calculated based in the “open” hours and service duration. The duration/schedule is defined in the “service” selected by the customer. Each calendar can have multiple services with different duration and prices.

This plugin is useful for different cases like booking of medical services where services with different duration and prices may be available, for personal training sessions, for booking rooms for events, for reserving language classes or other type of classes and other type of services/resources booking where start times are selected and the availability is automatically managed using the defined service duration to avoid double-booking (the booked time is blocked once the booking is completed).


Works as intended. More features for free then other options.Nag screens for a review that force me be polite in order for it to stop always has and always will get the lowest rating possible- oh yeah and immediately uninstalled
This is the only appointment plugin capable of having users select multiple slots in one transaction. And i’ve looked at every single plugin out there.What this plugin needs is a widget at least for the WP-Dashboard and not your daily “updates” for minor issues and cosmetics. Your nearly DAILY UPDATES suck!

Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling by vCita

vCita Appointment booking and online scheduling plugin for WordPress offers a self-service scheduling system for 1-on-1 appointments, group events and classes.

Appointment booking and online scheduling by vCita quickly integrates into any WordPress website, and eliminates the back-and-forth communications in appointment booking and event registration.

The system sends automatic reminders, confirmations and follow-ups.


The appointment scheduler plugin by vCita is feature-rich. It offers you an end-to-end way of setting up proper scheduling. I really loved it The plugin is also 100% WordPress compatible. You can also set up an appointment booking.I am having problems with the popup on my website. I did not find anything in the help documents to answer my question (it returned no results). When I contacted customer service, I received an automatic reply that it would take 48 hours. 6 days later, I sent an email asking if my question had fallen through the cracks.
Awesome! This is without a doubt the best scheduling software I’ve found yet, period. You guys have thought of everything here. From widget changes updating in preview panels through to great color schemes, back-end invoicing and I think your plans start at an affordable price.Demo functionality locked behind off-site account.

WordPress Online Booking and Scheduling Plugin – Bookly

Bookly is a free scheduling plugin for WordPress that allows accepting online bookings on your website and automating your reservation system. Manage your booking calendar, services, client base, save time and money – all in one place. Join almost 20000 businesses all around the world that have already automated their online booking system!

Bookly is designed to grow your online sales and make easy appointments. This is a one-stop shop for any businesses from hair salons or photography to wealth management and transportation. You can start easily with the free version of Bookly and once your business scales you can operate ultimate scheduling software with the paid version available with the Bookly Pro add-on, and various add-ons.


I’ve been using Bookly for a few years and it continues to impress clients, prevents me from being double booked, and the text and email reminders are great.We’ve been using Bookly, Bookly Pro and the Days Add on for a couple years now, everything before was fine, but now after they migrated everything into one its been a nightmare! It erases everything and makes you start from scratch. I won’t be using them next year.
A convenient and simple booking widget for the website and sufficient functionality for the free version to understand whether it is necessary to buy the PRO version.I can’t believe it but the update deleted my staff members and all appointments. I checked my database in phpMyAdmin and they are all gone.

Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments Add Booking Appointments system to your WordPress site and manage Appointments with ease. Extremely flexible time management. Multiple location, services and workers. Email notifications.

Can be used for : Lawyers, Salons, Mechanic, Cleaning services, Doctors, Spas, Personal trainers , Private Lessons, Escape rooms etc,


Love this app could have a bit more flair and style, but it works amazingly well.Just costed me $50. Customer booked an appointment and no notification was sent to my email. Customer showed up and I was a no show, since this system did not send any notification that I have an appointment. Uninstalled.
This plugin works like a charm. It does exactly what is published. Great and fast support. Highly recomended.I have tried to use this plugin on the 3rd most popular wordpress theme on themeforest and could not get satisfied support from the plugin author. I tried everything suggested with no luck. I am a very experienced wordpress developer with 150+ clients and over 7 years experience with wordpress.

Amelia – Events & Appointments Booking Calendar

Amelia Lite is a free appointment booking WordPress plugin that allows to set up a fully-featured automated booking system on your WordPress website and is a handy tool for small businesses and individuals that depend on stable appointment booking processes.

Amelia Lite was built with newest Enterprise-level of technology both on front-end and back-end, ensuring smooth and slick user experience. Amelia elements are applying single-page-app approach, work without page reloading, and all elements were designed with the mobile first concept in mind – so all the admin and customer interfaces are perfectly responsive.


My wife and I use the Amelia plugin, it has made a huge difference in our family business. From scheduling appointments, taking payments, sending confirmation and reminder emails and text messages, Amelia is handling all of it. And on top of our experience with the plugin itself has been the outstanding support.It leaves the database as a nuclear disaster site. It is a mess, and there are hard coded in several parts of the wordpress database after uninstall.
Amelia booking is a fresh and functional appointment system. One of the most advanced appointment plugins configured in wordpress. I wish them success on this journey.Installed it, applied the shortcode to a page, published it and it just constantly shows the loading hourglass symbol, nothing happens. Not going to waist a yearly fee on this plugin as it simply doesn´t work.

Booking calendar, Appointment Booking System

Booking Calendar plugin is an nice and user friendly tool for creating reservation systems for your WordPress website. Create any type of scheduling calendar just in a few minutes.

There is a lot of settings and useful functions that you can use.


Look no where else this is so good. Took a while to find after trying so many over. Support is very fast they respond right away I am in Europe. I am using it for boat trips, and hotels and accommodation.Like the title says, free version is crippled beyond usefullness in evaluating the product. Nearly every setting other than the default given requires the pro upgrade or an “extension”. The functionality is barely useful as is, not helpful in comparing to the numerous other booking systems that are available.
This is a great plugin, it has all the features I was looking for. It’s in production on my website for 3 years now and I never had a problem ! Oh yes, once I had a problem, but the support was present and very effective, it was corrected in an eyeblink ! I recommand it !can’t add a calendar. Click “save”, and the list of calendars is still empty. I assume this is a bug, but it makes this plugin useless.

Appointment Booking Calendar

Appointment Booking Calendar is an appointment calendar plugin for accepting online bookings from a set of available time-slots in a calendar. The booking form is linked to a PayPal payment process.

You can use it to accept bookings for medical consultation, classrooms, events, transportation and other activities where a specific time from a defined set must be selected, allowing you to define the maximum number of bookings that can be accepted for each time-slot.


I’m using Appointment Booking Calendar after an EXHAUSTIVE search for a solution for my teaching site. I wanted something simple with PayPal support. This plugin delivers. Easy to use and enough features to get me up and running.After installing the plugin everything worked fine. Today, the calendar page has been redirected to suspicious pages! I do not recommend the plugin. Waste!
Excellent product and support. Very good functionality. Have not paid for any other plugins on wordpress, but this one was worth every penny. The support team have been very responsive.How do I get a refund???? Don’t buy this. SO HARD TO USE! I’ve now found free plugins that do the same job. Grrr not a happy camper. I want my money back!

Booking Ultra Pro Appointments Booking Calendar Plugin

Booking Ultra Pro offers a great suite of features that will help you manage your online appointments 24/7 whether you are a large educational institution scheduling thousands of students or a massage therapists with a part-time practice.

Booking Ultra Pro is a WordPress appointment scheduling plugin that allows your customers to book appointments for your services directly from your website giving your customers a seamless booking experience. The unique 4 steps booking process will help you to attract new customers and generate repeat business from existing ones. All customer details are stored so you can run promotions and market directly to them.


Easy tô install, easy to integrate with PayPal, easy for my clients. In few words, the most effective booking plugin i have used só farGood plugin but when you have a problem support will take weeks to answer and makes this plugin unusable! Save yourself a lot of time and money and shop elsewhere.
The plugin does what it says, I mean.. It helps you to manage appointment efficiently, changing colors is reserved to paid version but.. The author sent me a css coding that helped me to change the main colors.I’ve found a number of bugs within the paid version of the plugin. After trying to get support team to look at these issues and finding that they would take longer than a week to respond to my queries I decided to ask for a refund which fell within the 30 day period.

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