Google Calendar Handbook

How to undo accidental deletion of Google Calendar events?

Once you delete an event, it goes directly into the trash bin, just like any of your email on your Gmail account. You can retrieve it later within 30 days of the deletion. Follow these steps :

  1. Open your Google Calendar.

  2. Click the setting icon on the top right, click on ‘Bin’.


  1. It would open up all the events that you have deleted within 30 days.

  2. Select any event by blue checking the box.

  3. Click the restore icon on the uppermost line.


  1. All the selected events will be restored.

How long will google calendar keep events?

Until and unless you willingly delete an event entry, it remains stored in the Google Calendar forever. However, any deleted entry shall remain in the ‘Bin’ of Google Calendar which you can restore within 30 days of such deletion.

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