Google Calendar Handbook

How to add a calendar from "other calendars" to "My calendars" in Google Calendar?

Follow these steps and you are good to go :

  1. Open your Google Calendar account.

  2. Click on the setting icon and click ‘Settings’.


  1. Go to the ‘other calendar’ and scroll down to find ‘Public address in iCal format’. Copy the link from it.


  1. Go to your browser, paste the link in search bar and download an ‘.ics’ format file.

  2. Come back to Google Calendar, open settings again and go to ‘Add Calendar’ just below ‘General’.


  1. ‘Create new calendar’. Fill in the name and description of the calendar.


  1. In the ‘Import & Export’ section, import the downloaded .ics (iCal) format from your device.

  2. Choose the new calendar to which you want the file to be imported to.


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