Google Calendar Handbook

How to change Google Calendar time zone without changing the time zone of each individual event on the calendar?

You can change around time zones of different calendar or one particular calendar by following these steps :

  1. For changing time zone of entire Google Calendar :

    1. Open Google Calendar account.

    2. Click the setting icon on the top right and choose ‘Settings’ option.


3. Under ‘General’ settings, click on ‘Time zone’.

4. In ‘Primary Time Zone’ option, you can change the time zone from the drop down list.


5. There is also an option where you can blue tick the option of having the primary time zone connect with your current location. 
  1. For changing time zone of one single calendar :

    1. Open your Google Calendar account.

    2. In the left column, find the calendar you want to change the time zone of.


3. Click on the three dots and choose ‘Settings and Sharing’.

4. Under ‘Time zone’ option, change your time zone as you prefer.


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