Appointment Scheduling Handbook

What is a good free, or very low cost, online app that would allow me to setup a calendar with 15-30 minute time slots and allow users to reserve their own time slots?

There are several scheduling apps for free that allow setting out appointment slots for prospects to book. While there are many cheap subscriptions such as the Google G Suite’s Appointment Slot, there are many free apps available as well, such as Woven. Here is a list of best scheduling apps at free or cheap rates to choose from.


Karen is a 24x365 hours online facility that offers clients with appointment booking facilities and make payments as and when they are comfortable. With Karen clients can send reminders through text or email alerts and control the no-show ratio.It also tracks the number of appointments per week, missed and canceled bookings, new addition to the client base and much more.What’s more it was created keeping in mind all the needs and expectations of a SMB suit from education to salons. It has a free plan that lets you book up to 20 appointments per month, and the paid plan starts at 8$ per month.


This comprehensive package comes with all features you might want in a scheduling app. It also lets you hold your meetings through any meeting scheduling app you prefer. You can add unlimited accounts, share scheduling links on your website, and customize the interface with Wovens Basic Plan. Plus, you can carry out group polls to decide on group meetings. Woven offers a basic free plan and a seven day free trial for their premium subscription.


Calendly lets you customize your meeting slots by providing details such as a 30-minute meeting or a round-robin, a group, or a one-on-one. It syncs with your calendars such as Google, Outlook, or Yahoo and keeps your timetable up to date. Your clients can then choose from these options to book a meeting or schedule an appointment. Calendly has three plans, a free Basic plan, a Premium for 8$ per month, and a Pro for 12$ per month.


This application lets you create a voting poll to decide the best time for the majority of your employees and even lets them comment and discuss the time slot that fits best for everyone. With its user-friendly and intuitive digital interface, this web app is perfect for scheduling in-house meetings. What’s more, Rally is free for all, and it has all the features of a scheduling app piled into one. There are several other options, such as Demodesk, and Acuity, if you are willing to stretch your pocket. Some of the pocket-friendly options also include SimplyBook, MeetingBird, HubSpot, Calendar, and Calendly to explore.

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