Appointment Scheduling Handbook

Scheduling Softwares with round-robin features

The market for appointment scheduling apps is at its peak and there is no short of options to pick your choose from, no matter what your requirements are. If you are looking for personal use you might want to go with something simple such as Doodle or HubSpot or Google Calendar that consists of the simple scheduling tools such as setting reminders, setting goals, or schedule meetings with someone in your contacts.

If you are a small-to-medium business owner, you might want to look into something that, along with booking appointments and syncing calendars, also helps you manage shifts and automate task allotment. Business management softwares like Victa, Scoro, Basecamp, or Teamleader are efficient alternatives for an enterprise. Along with many of the generic features, they boast tools like a to-do list and automatically follow ups, shared calendars, dashboards that track work progress and notify of due dates, expense, and budget tracking, and many more.

Gettimely App interface for appointment booking facilities

A health care or a wellness enterprise shall benefit from vertical business apps or salon software such as Salon Iris, Mindbodyonline, Book4Time, Gettiemly, and many more. Or if you work in a construction environment, it is wise to consider applications like Wrike, Smartsheet, and Candy that come with features such as Gantt charts, Calendars for scheduling, Workload View for resource management, Project Updates, Personalized Dashboards and sharing progress with clients, and much more.

Karen App interface for scheduling for an SMB suit

Some of the generic appointment scheduling software such as Karen, Calendly, Acuity and Cronofy provide all essential features of appointment scheduling for an SMB suit as well. The Karen App was made to be both an appointment booking and a meeting scheduling app where you can book unlimited appointments for lifetime. It is a 24x365 hours online facility that offers clients appointment booking facilities and make payments as and when they are comfortable. With Karen, clients can send reminders through text or email alerts and control the no-show ratio. It also tracks the number of appointments per week, missed and canceled bookings, a new addition to the client base, and much more.

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