Appointment Scheduling Handbook

Self-booking aspect of Scheduling Apps

If you are wondering about automating scheduling meeting processes, there are several applications to the rescue. Along with syncing your calendar and allowing candidates to schedule appointments without spamming you with emails, some of these apps also allow you to set reminders, display the venue and time, and other meeting analytics on the dashboard.

With apps like Zoom, Zoho, GoToMeetings, and several others, the advanced option to create one-pages websites or vanity URLs help give your meeting site a branding image. You can further customize this page to reflect your business goals and objectives. This page displays your calendar information, working hours, holidays, etc. and allows prospects to book their meeting online.

Weekly scheduled view in Google Calendar

This URL could also be embedded in your official website and help schedule in-house meetings as well. You could further set customized automatic emails, reminders, and confirmation messages to meet your needs. What’s more, they also have integrated payment modes that support different payment modes to make your transactions frictionless.

Some attractive features of these apps also include setting the time duration of the appointment, in-meeting chat options, screen sharing, video and audio sharing during the online video call, and viewing meeting analytics after the meeting. Some of these apps can be configured to display key performance indicators when integrated with your domain.

Pooling the calendars of several people and sending a few time slots to choose from are also often used. A voting poll organized to set up meetings with several busy attendees and set the appointment at the time slot that receives maximum votes saves a lot of time on both ends. Receiving an invitation and sending an automatic reply are also possible by syncing with the calendars.

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