Appointment Scheduling Handbook

Integrated appointment booking apps

There are several online booking software available, but it is wise to judge the features before you find what best fits your cause. If you are a startup, you can go with generic software like Calendly, Woven, or Doodle. If you are looking for integrated video calling platforms along with calendar sync, Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Zoho is your cut. Softwares like Calendly and Zoho have integrated CRM features and several other payment combinations to help you out in your administrative work.

If you own proprietorship to a small-to-medium business, you might want to look into something that, along with booking appointments and syncing calendars, also helps you manage shifts and automate task allotment. Business management softwares like Victa, Scoro, Basecamp, or Teamleader are efficient alternatives for an enterprise. Along with many of the generic features, they boast tools like a to-do list and automatically follow ups, shared calendars, dashboards that track work progress and notify of due dates, expense, and budget tracking, and many more.

A health care or a wellness enterprise shall benefit from vertical business apps or salon software such as Salon Iris, Mindbodyonline, Book4Time, Gettiemly, and many more. These apps compile the features of online booking, syncing calendars, inventory management with stock alerts, client data storage, and record-keeping. They must also have the generic features of a scheduling app such as automated booking reminders for clients, user accessibility, iOS, and Android app availability, CRM integrations for marketing and management, and several others.

If you are looking for applications for construction business management, it is wise to consider applications like Wrike, Smartsheet, and Candy. These are cut out for the construction environment and boast features like Gantt charts, Calendars for scheduling, Workload View for resource management, Project Updates, Personalized Dashboards and sharing progress with clients, and auto-assign tasks with custom forms.

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