Appointment Scheduling Handbook

Meeting Scheduling Tricks to Save Time

Perhaps it goes without saying that a meeting scheduling app is the best way to plan or schedule a meeting. There are three ways to do it:

  1. by creating a group chat and discussing everyone’s schedule to arrange it.
  2. by pooling prospect calendars and deciding on a time.
  3. by creating a voting poll and sharing it with the prospects.

The traditional way of scheduling a meeting with several people involved creating a group chat and discussing the best time for everyone to set a time. Creating a group chat in some messenger software or through the Zoom app is a good place to start. However, a group chat can be very chaotic if there are a large number of people involved.

Organizing a large meeting is no more a chaotic drama, thanks to all the meeting scheduling apps. These apps leverage the benefit of syncing several calendars and automating the process of selecting a time that suits all. However, that can also lead to confusion if someone on the team has not updated their calendars.

voting poll feature in a scheduling app Doodle

For such cases, apps like Doodle, Acuity, Karen, Zvite, and Meeting Bird have incorporated the feature of voting polls. The best way to schedule a meeting involving many attendees is to use a Voting Poll, where the organizer selects a few time slots and puts them up for voting. Everyone can see each others votes, and the highest voted time slot is set as the final time for the appointment. Or, you can select a separate time as per your requirements.

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