Appointment Scheduling Handbook

Getting you way around a Scheduling App

Scheduling a group meeting has been made easy with several online applications such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, and many similar apps. These apps work by integrating online calendars and setting up a link that when shared lets others join the meeting.

Karen is a 24x365 hours online facility that offers convenience to the clients and they can book appointments and make payments as and when they are comfortable. Besides, it offers a personal chat room for clients where you can easily communicate with them and send alerts, confirmations and reminders before and after the booking.

Signing up on Karen app

It synchronizes with Office365, Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, and MailChimp to align all meetings and provide real time availability. An intuitive dashboard shows analytical reports to get a statistical insight of the meeting activities. It tracks the number of appointments per week, missed and canceled bookings, new addition to the client base and much more to drive success for your business ecosystems.

What’s more, you can use Karen app to create detailed structure about availability and accessibility of staff personnel and the venues of meeting. What’s more it was created keeping in mind all the needs and expectations of a SMB suit from education to salons and more.

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