Appointment Scheduling Handbook

Calendar Syncing Alternative

The appointment scheduling apps are plenty to rescue one from the hassles of organizing a group meeting with a large number of people. If you use meeting scheduling apps like Zoom and GoToMeeting, you can use the group chat option in the paid versions to decide on a date that suits everyone and then create a meeting link to invite the others.

However, with appointment schedulers like Doodle, Calendly, Karen, Zoho, and several others at your disposal, you no longer need to go through the worries of elaborate discussions to fix a date or time. These apps have the feature of pooling all online calendars of both staff and clients and catering a calendar with everyone’s schedule in one place. You can now see their availability on your screen and decide on a time that best fits your cause, mitigating the need for back and forth emails or calls.

Use case of Voting poll feature in Doodle Scheduling App

There is also another way to schedule a group meeting if people do not want to share their entire itinerary with you. You can create a voting poll with selected time slots as options to choose from and share it with your teammates. Once you receive the results of the votes, you can either choose from the most voted time slot or adjust another as per your convenience. You can find this feature in the apps Doodle, Zvite, and Karen.

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