Appointment Scheduling Handbook

Meeting Scheduling Vs Appointment Scheduling

Many confuse meeting scheduling tools with appointment booking ones and that might lead to choosing the wrong app for your business suit. The main difference between a meeting scheduling app and an appointment booking app is that the later requires integrated payment portals and CRM to some extent. Whereas meeting scheduling platforms must come with the voting poll feature and some with shift scheduling features. Meeting scheduling apps are supposed to pool the calendars of your team members and show different calendar views to help you choose a suitable time slot. The voting poll feature allows you to select a few time slots that you can share with others to vote. The most voted time slot may or may not be chosen for the meeting as per your requirements.

meeting scheduling features of Karen App

Karen App is an application that has the features of both an appointment booking and a meeting scheduling software. It thus eliminates the time for you to choose two different application for the two purposes. You can further link your zoom account with your Karen app profile and choose to send a meeting link as you schedule it.

A unique feature of the Karen App is that it has an intelligent AI that recites all your schedule when asked without you having to go through the dashboard and calendars every time. You can also integrate Karen in your website by embedding a widget or creating a separate URL by using command lines. Learn more about website integration here. You can also connect to more than 1500 apps by integrating your Zapier account with your Karen profile. See more details on integrations here.

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