Appointment Scheduling Handbook

Online Booking For a Doctor’s Appointment

An online scheduling app fits all businesses, from hotels to clinics, schools to salons. They can be used to schedule appointments on doctor’s clinics by navigating to their online calendars or schedule meetings with other doctors who have busy schedules. Overall, an appointment booking system should take care of all the administrative work to let doctors have more time for the sick.

An online appointment system can help pool all the calendars of the doctors in a health unit to check who is available at what time. Calendar syncing aligns the infrastructure in a health care unit and makes responding to patients faster and effective.

User interface on Karen App for scheduling appointments

The doctor or the clinic may also create appointment slots for self-booking of time slots using applications like Karen App or Google Calendar. Once a patient books an appointment, the doctor is asked for confirmation. On confirming, a notification reaches the patient with the time and venue of the consultation.

Karen permits integration with Zoom and Zapier, and this allows both appointment booking and online consultation. By choosing the venue to be an online platform while booking or confirming, a meeting link automatically reaches the patient along with the confirmation message.

What makes online consultations through Karen even better is the inbuilt online payment portal, which is a robust and safe gateway for the collection of consultation fees. One can customize their time slots by mentioning the time, place, and cost to improve transparency with clients.

Karen also helps arrange in-house meetings if you are working in a hospital environment and may ease the discussion of critical cases over group calls and chats. What makes it so effective is the simple and user-friendly digital interface.

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