Appointment Scheduling Handbook

Setting Up an Online Meeting

The digital revolution has changed the way we communicate, learn, and perceive things. Integrating innovative and avant-garde technologies, experts have made scheduling and operating meetings a piece of cake. Applications such as Karen, Doodle, Arrangr, Calendly, and many more in the niche have upgraded the ease with which one arranges online group meetings.

group meeting scheduling in doodle web app

However, the top features not only include allowing group calls and meetings but also syncing with calendars, customizable dashboards, and display of meeting analytics. What’s more, when arranging a meeting with several people, one can conduct a voting poll that allows the attendees to vote and select the most suitable time frame for the group.

Another interesting facet of these applications is that the scheduler can create a page with the available time slots and share it with the prospects, which then collect data on the free-slots. Each invitee can see each other’s free slots to enable them to adjust around the vacancies.

Once all members agree on a particular slot, the meeting gets finalized. The schedule automatically syncs on your calendar, and a mail is sent with the link to join the conference. These appointment schedulers with integrated online meeting platforms are a big hit amongst all enterprises for their efficiency to reduce time and financial loss.

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