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The future of Appointment Scheduling Apps

With the innumerable benefits of an online appointment scheduling application, it is far from disappearing in the future. However, the feature that started with a dedicated software, is no more the solitary character of an appointment booking app. These applications now include meeting scheduling, video conferencing, and integrated CRM. Among the many added advantages of using such an app, some of them such as the time saving and financial benefits make the software indispensable even in the far future.

Vertical specific applications such as the Saloniris and Gettimely include features such as inventory management, client data storage and staff management particularly beneficial for the retail ecosystem. These apps compile the features of online booking, syncing calendars, inventory management with stock alerts, client data storage, and record-keeping along with the generic features of a scheduling app such as automated booking reminders for clients, user accessibility, iOS, and Android app availability,CRM integrations for marketing and management, and several others. Calendly, Cronofy and Zoho have integrated CRM as they are intended towards the sales and marketing sector. Applications made for the construction sector such as Wrike and Smartsheet have features like Gantt charts, Workload View for resource management, Project Updates, Personalized Dashboards to view and share progress with clients, besides the scheduling aspects.

Generic scheduling applications such as Karen, HubSpot, Woven, Acuity and several others are used for integrating with websites, and are aimed at SMB suits for scheduling and tracking client analytics. These apps include tools like a to-do list, and automatic follow-ups, shared calendars, dashboards, payment portals, intelligent AI and much more. They are made for both business and education sectors as well as for personal use. From scheduling conferences to conducting webinars as well as appointing staffs for different projects, an appointment-booking-cum-meeting-scheduling software finds its use everywhere. The future of these applications shall grow to develop and add more features that improve its functionality of the generic features or may be acquired by larger entities as their scheduling systems.

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