Appointment Scheduling Handbook

Top features of a Scheduling Apps

There are several applications that can be used for updating or calendar pooling features. Along with this generic feature, a scheduling app comes with a variety of other traits considering which might help you decide what best fits your case. Here are some of the factors you must consider before choosing the best for you.

online calendars pooled for appointment scheduling in Karen app

Appointment Slots

One of the most important of all the desirable features in an appointment scheduling software is being able to create time slots as desired. Embed this link on your website or share through integrated messaging portals for prospects to see availability and book appointments. You can find this feature in Karen App and Google Calendar

Automated confirmation and reminders

While online booking, there is always a fear of being stood up by customers merely due to no reminding options. A robust scheduling app takes care of this automatically and sends both confirmation and reminder emails or text messages to ensure mitigating the risks of no-show. Find both mail and text reminder feature in Karen App.

Integrated Video Calling

When a client books an appointment through the scheduling application, it should be able to allow the client or the proprietor to choose the place of the meeting. The options must have online meeting options such as Zoom or GoToMeeting or any other preference as per choice.

Automatic time-zone conversions

When dealing with international clients, it is vital to have an automatic time conversion feature. Time conversions should allow the user to book time slots that are in sync with both sides.

Payment Portals

Integrated payment portals such as Paypal and Stripe allow the proprietor to collect their payments before or after booking an appointment through the application. It shall smoothen transaction processes and thus save time from paperwork. Karen App, Calendly, Zoho are the most trusted in this niche.

CRM integration

Customer Relation Management is pivotal to an efficient Scheduling application. Integration with google analytics, and several management tools such as Calendly, ramps up the CRM functionality of the application.

Branding or White labeling

Branding your calendar or URL containing the scheduling software is vital for creating an impression on your customers. A comprehensive Scheduling software should not limit the possibilities of customizing and should scale opportunities with white labeling. Check out Zoho, Cronofy and Karen for the best white labeling features.

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