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Expense Management Options

There are not very many applications to count on when it comes to expense tracking and management, but the few popular ones that can replace Expensify are listed below. Among the top competitors of Expensify is SAP Concur, Certify by Emburse, Abacus Reach by Emburse, Captio and Zoho Expense are the most noted expense reporting applications.

SAP Concur

SAP leverages their power of technology to provide a software that mitigates the human errors with expense and invoice management. With Concur, users can quickly take a picture of receipts, submit expense analytics from any mobile device, and keep productivity on track. You can analyze spending beforehand, seize duplicate invoices, and save time with mobile approvals, invoice tracking and faster payments with AP systems and do much more.

Certify by Emburse

Certify is a powerful expense management application by Emburse designed for the global enterprises that supports 140+ currencies and 64 languages. It creates automatic expense reports for each employee, and the Certify InstantAudit adds a second check on every submitted expense. You can track and approve expense before it is spent and ensure faster reimbursements as well as manage non employee expenses simultaneously.

Abacus Reach by Emburse

Abacus Reach has built in policy controls along with automated submitting and approving expenses. Reach is specifically made to make expense management easy even when you are traveling. You can issue virtual and physical credit cards or Emburse cards that lets you track every purchase and control all transactions. Furthermore you can customize and deliver reports, track, manage and approve workers’ timesheets, and provision temporary access in an instant.

Zoho Expense

Zoho expense empowers you to control and track your expenses as they happen. Other features include auto-scaning your receipts in 10 languages, easily add expenses by entering the cost, sort expenses by category, write notes, and add additional entry fields. What is more, with Zoho you can sync your card transactions to add to the expense sheet automatically.

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