Appointment Scheduling Handbook

Apps with Email and SMS Notification Features

Most Acclaimed Scheduling Apps

The market for scheduling apps is packed with options and thus the competition is at an all time high. Some of the most successful apps have some generic factors and features in common that make them incredibly user friendly and flexible. Robust security and privacy is among the top aspects besides syncing with Gmail and online calendars,, and displaying the detailed meeting analytics on the dashboard. Access to view your availability, integrated online meeting schedulers, personalized booking pages for your client, embedding your calendar on your website and voting poll features are some of the additional features to look for. Some of the top notch scheduling apps are listed below:


Calendly App interface for appointment booking facilities

Calendly lets you customize your meeting slots by providing details such as a 30-minute meeting or a round-robin, a group, or a one-on-one. It syncs with your calendars such as Google, Outlook, or Yahoo and keeps your timetable up to date. Your clients can then choose from these options to book a meeting or schedule an appointment. It also has an integrated CRM to assist you with administrative and marketing tasks. Calendly has three plans, a free Basic plan, a Premium for 8$ per month, and a Pro for 12$ per month.


Wrike App interface for appointment booking facilities

Wrike is a vertical specific application designed to suit the construction business environments. It boasts the features of Gantt charts, Calendars for scheduling, Project Updates, Personalized Dashboards, and window for sharing progress with clients. It also allows Workload View for resource management and auto-assigning tasks with custom forms. Besides, it has an android and iOS application. It has a free version, and a paid version starts at 9.80$ per month.


Mindbodyonline app interface for appointment booking facilities

Mindbody is a powerful application for all SMB and enterprise suits in the health care sector. What makes it so comprehensive as a scheduling app for businesses is the Billing & Invoicing, Employee Management, Inventory Management, CRM integration, and expense tracking features beside generic appointment scheduling aspects. Room Booking Management, Online Payments, Multi-Location, Client Database, and Recurring Appointments are the cherry on top. However, they have no free version, and the paid version benefits cost 129$ subscription fees per month following a free trial.


Gettimely App interface for appointment booking facilities

Gettimely leverages their expertise in scheduling in the salon and health care sector by regularly upgrading their app to fit the present market trends. Apart from the features of calendar management, client dealings, marketing, and sales and payments, Gettimely also allows integration with Xero, WordPress, Mailchimp, Afterpay, Paypal, Quickbooks, and vend. Furthermore, they also manage your inventory and employees besides the features of multi-location and dashboards. It has no free version, but the paid versions allow a free trial. The paid version starts at 15$ for a solitary user.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity scheduling web app interface for appointment booking facilities

Acuity takes care of appointment scheduling, customized replies, client management, text reminders, and many more to drive their competitive advantage. Besides embedding on the website and sharing through emails, it also allows sharing your calendar through your social media accounts. Integration with Paypal and Stripe accounts allows smooth transactions for your appointments. You can also embed your Acuity calendar through command line or generating a code. Acuity plans start at 15$ per month for Emerging, 25$ for Growing, and 50$ for the Powerhouse.


Karen App interface for appointment booking facilities

Karen is a 24x365 hours online facility that offers clients with appointment booking facilities and make payments as and when they are comfortable. With Karen clients can send reminders through text or email alerts and control the no-show ratio.It also tracks the number of appointments per week, missed and canceled bookings, new addition to the client base and much more. One advantage of using Karen is that you can use it both as an appointment booking and a meeting scheduling app.

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