Appointment Scheduling Handbook

Booking Software with Integrated Payment Portals

The app stores are crowded with choices that are cramped with features and choosing one for personal or enterprise use can be overwhelming. Integrated payment portal is a generic feature among the appointment scheduling applications like Calendly, Acuity, HubSpot, and several others. However, if it is your priority you should avoid the meeting scheduling apps like zoom, zoho, and GoToMeeting.


meeting scheduling interface on the karen scheduling app

If you are looking for applications that provide both appointment booking and meeting scheduling apps, you might want to check out Karen App. Besides the inbuilt payment portal, proprietors can send reminders through text or email alerts and control the no-show ratio. It also tracks the number of appointments per week, missed and canceled bookings, new addition to the client base and much more.It come with messaging options and group chat alternatives to erase the communication gap. It has a free plan that lets you book up to 20 appointments per month, and the paid plan starts at 8$ per month.


Paypal integration with calendly

Calendly lets you customize your meeting slots by providing details such as a 30-minute meeting or a round-robin, a group, or a one-on-one. It syncs with your calendars such as Google, Outlook, or Yahoo and keeps your timetable up to date. Your clients can then choose from these options to book a meeting or schedule an appointment and pay through the integrated PayPal or Stripe accounts. Calendly has three plans, a free Basic plan, a Premium for 8$ per month, and a Pro for 12$ per month.

Acuity Scheduling

Selecting payment options in acuity scheduling web portal

Acuity Scheduling is another effective solution to your search for an alternative. Acuity takes care of appointment scheduling, customized replies, client management, text reminders, and many more. Besides embedding on the website and sharing through emails, it also allows sharing your calendar through your social media accounts. Integration with Paypal and Stripe accounts allows smooth transactions for your appointments. Acuity plans start at 15$ per month for Emerging, 25$ for Growing, and 50$ for the Powerhouse.


Stripe integration in HubSpot account for payment activity

In HubSpot, the cherry on top is that the meeting tool syncs with the calendars, Office365, Google, and the HubSpot CRM to keep your schedule up to date. It allows members to align meeting schedules by letting them access to view your availability. You can further use the app to let your prospects book Round-robin or Group Meetings. HubSpot also provides a WordPress plugin and the ability to embed it on your website. HubSpot also has a free Basic Plan and a Starter Plan of 50$ per month.

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