Everything You Need To Get Zoom Running

Uber-cool Virtual Backgrounds

The uber-cool feature of adding virtual backgrounds in Zoom has taken the app to a new level. This feature enables a user to replace their backdrop with a picture or a video. It is done by navigating to the up caret symbol beside the video icon and selecting the option Choose Virtual Background.

virtual background navigation on zoom desktop client

The virtual background best works when the background green that lets Zoom best distinguish between the person and the backdrop. This feature is a boon for people joining video calls from unique locations. However, this feature is only applicable when connecting through a web app. The mobile application does not support this feature.

There are no limitations to the quality of the selected image or video. However, Zoom suggests keeping the aspect ratio at par with the resolution of the camera. A video of a minimum resolution of 480 pixels and an image with a minimum of 1280 by 720 pixels should be sufficient to meet the requirements of a virtual background.

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