Everything You Need To Get Zoom Running

Quality And Scalability of Zoom App

Scalability and flexibility are vital features to measure an app’s performance when dealing with substantial traffic influx. With Zoom becoming a hot product in the list of video conferencing apps, the rush of sudden heavy traffic and following client reviews only added to its popularity. It is safe to say the app has a robust back-end structure and support.

Users have time and again pressed on the accessibility, but some also claim some of these features are very hidden and difficult to find. The most scalable attribute of the app is allowing hundreds of users to participate in video conferencing where the screen displays all attendees simultaneously.

Zoom desktop app interface

The features of muting the participants or switching off one’s video and mic, or replacing the background with a virtual one have received sufficient acclamation from its users. Screen sharing, recording on cloud or local storage, saving chats are some of the unique features that zoom users enjoy.

Albeit, Zoom remains one of the most popular go-to video-conferencing solutions for many business platforms, but many users have complained about the interface being shoddy. However, Zoom keeps upgrading its app and adding new features to the suite.

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