Everything You Need To Get Zoom Running

Zoom App Features for Online Classes

online class with zoom

What drives Zoom’s competitive advantage is its intuitive user experience and seamless blending with all platforms of iOS, Android, and Windows. It is easy to navigate for all age groups, while the strategically placed structures make it easier to join, participate in chats or leave classes and webinars effortlessly.

The free plan on the Zoom app makes it accessible to all students regardless of financial situations. Be it classroom interactions or paid webinars, strategically aligned options help save time and cost in the education sector to a great extent.

These features of the zoom application have made attending online classes from remote locations a viable option and brought learning to our doorsteps. All that it takes to join a Zoom class is a few taps on your screen. A link shared by the admin takes you to the meeting portal that asks for a password, entering which secures access to the meeting. It can also be accessed via a Meeting ID and password directly from the website.

Zoom virtual and hybrid classes

Zoom has further enabled teachers to conduct online exams, while the waiting room feature ensures nobody enters unless the host authorizes. These services have empowered schools to carry out classes even during the pandemic eliminating the risk of contracting the virus, which is an immense contribution to the entire education society.

Zoom Webinars has simplified the process of conducting seminars online with a large number of attendees while also allowing hosts to control who attends. The features of screen sharing, whiteboarding, raising hands, chatbox, and scheduling classes beforehand ensures communication flow smoothly between students and teachers.

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