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Customized Dial-ins on Your Invites

To specify the dial-in numbers, you must be an admin or in a role with permissions to edit the dial-in numbers. The dial-in numbers can include numbers of all countries that you invite participants from and both local and international numbers. Follow the below steps to customize the dial-in numbers.

  • Sign in to the account to make the required changes.
  • If you are an admin and want these specifications to apply for all your meetings, navigate to the Account Management and under Account Settings, locate Telephone and enter.
  • If you are an admin and want to apply specifications to a particular group, Navigate to User Management, and in Group Management, enter the Telephone tab.
  • If you are an organizer or just a member who wants to set the dial-in specification for your meetings, follow the steps below.
  • Open Settings and navigate to the Telephone.
  • Find Global Dial-in Countries/Regions and click on the pencil button to edit the dial-in details.

options to customise which dial in numbers appear on a zoom meeting invitation

  • Select the countries that apply to your participants and find the added countries list on the right side under the Selected countries. You can drag the country’s names up and down to set your preferences.
  • You can also select Include toll-free numbers to add both local toll-free dial-ins along with the chosen countries.
  • Click Save to update the settings on your account.

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