Everything You Need To Get Zoom Running

Admin Controls Over User Settings

Managing the Zoom desktop client for your users can be done if you have the administrator role in the account. For windows users, the controls must deploy using MSI, with group policy or registry keys. In the case of mac users, you can mass deploy a custom plist file, and for Chrome OS, the controls must deploy by the Google Admin Console. The administrators can use Zoom with their VDI systems to deploy these remotely.

client app - app configuration policies for the administrator

Using these controls, the administrator can restrict the user from activities like screen sharing, disable login with Google or Facebook or Emails, enable auto-update of the desktop client, and several others. These can be changed or updated by the admin at any time. When Zoom gets installed, it automatically registers these as its default setting.

However, these settings require an MSI version of the Windows desktop client and Zoom Rooms application for PC for windows and access to Google admin control for Chrome OS.

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