Everything You Need To Get Zoom Running

Put Caps on Private Chats

There are three ways to disable Chats. Either by the administrator for all meetings or during a meeting by the host and the admin. Or by a user who has the required permissions. To restrict chat as an administrator in general for all meetings as a default, follow the steps listed below.

  • Sign in to the account as an administrator and navigate to the menus.
  • Locate Account Management and enter IM Management. Open IM settings and go to security.

general chat setting options for a zoom meeting on the web app

  • Locate the “Allow users to chat with other users” option and toggle it to gray to disable.
  • Select the lock key beside the toggle button to make it default for all meetings, and no user can change these during a call.

To manage chat options during a meeting, follow the steps below. Note, you have to be an admin or the host to access these settings.

  • Select chat in the meeting controls.

group chat settings for a zoom meeting

  • Select more to view the options
  • Select the desired option to suit your cause.

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