Everything You Need To Get Zoom Running

Host Controls the Starting and Ending

Joining or starting a meeting is straightforward for all Zoom users, no matter which role they are assigned. The host usually starts the Scheduled meeting, and if anyone logs in before time, they either wait in the waiting room or the virtual meeting room. To join a video call as a host, follow the below steps.

For windows/mac:

starting a meeting from windows/mac zoom app

  • Sign in to the zoom client and navigate to upcoming meetings.
  • Locate the scheduled call you want to join and select to view options.
  • Select Start to begin the conference.

For Linux:

starting a meeting from linux zoom app

  • Sign in to the Zoom Client and navigate to Upcoming Meetings.
  • Hover over the video call to view the options.
  • Select Start to start the video meeting.

For Android/iOS

starting a meeting from android/iOS zoom app

  • Navigate to Upcoming Meetings in the mobile app.
  • Select Start beside the meeting you want to start.

From a Web browser:

starting a meeting from web browser zoom app

  • Login to your account and navigate to my meetings.
  • Select Upcoming Meetings
  • Select Start beside the Scheduled call you want to commence.

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