Everything You Need To Get Zoom Running

Limitations on Zoom Account Login

Zoom takes its client security very seriously. Although, you can use one account to log in from various devices, but not all simultaneously. For example, if you log in from your computer and use the same credentials to log in from a phone, you will be logged out from your computer. Again if you log in from your tablet, Zoom logs you out of your account from your phone.

Zoom leverages this feature to restrict multiple users to use a single account and secure your information from being misused. Logging out from one device helps you ensure your account information is safe from being tampered with by hackers.

different platforms compatible with zoom app

However, Zoom boasts a feature called the dual monitor. Enabling this allows the host to use two monitors, one for screen sharing and the other for viewing the attendees in the meeting. It is particularly useful for presenters in a webinar or a conference that lets them keep notes separately.

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