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Auto Anwering a Zoom Call

Enabling Auto Answering on your device first requires you to sign in to your account from either the web portal or the application that is found in the Download Centre by Zoom. You can also configure your settings to auto answer along with the unmute option. However, this feature is only applicable to Zoom Room users. To enable Auto Answer to follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your account and navigate to the Room Management

  • Select Zoom Rooms to proceed.

  • Find the room you wish to enable the auto answer for.

locating room in room management section of Zoom web portal

  • Select the edit option in red to make changes.

  • Under the Meetings tab, locate Automatically Accept Incoming all and far-end camera control.

  • Once found, turn it on and select save changes to update settings.

locating automatically answer option in zoom rooms

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