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Changing the Account Owner

The ownership of an account on Zoom can be changed as required, but this authority lies only to the current owner. However, in a Pro account, an admin can request to be the owner. Anybody can check who the owner of the account is. Although these features are available for free with a credit card, Pro, Business, Education, and API partner accounts only. If you are an owner and want to shift this responsibility to another user, follow the below steps.

  • Sign in to the Zoom web portal and navigate to the User Management Section.
  • Enter Users and select add user and add the new user if they are not a member of the account.

changing roles from user to admin in a zoom account

  • Change their role to admin and save before proceeding.
  • Navigate to the Account profile section in Account management.

changing the account owner in a zoom account

  • Select the Change Owner and enter the new owner’s mail ID.
  • Select Change to update your settings.
  • The old owner now becomes an admin, and the new owner is in control of the account.

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