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Changing the Linked Email-ID

Changing the account email address feature is available for both free and paid users in Zoom. There are several sign-in options in Zoom, such as with work email, google, Facebook, and SSO. You can easily change your mail ID if it is the case with the first three, Work mail, Google, and Facebook. However, if your login involves SSO only, you have to reach out to Zoom customer support for more help. To change the email address, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Sign in to your account with your existing email and navigate to the Profile section.
  • Select Edit beside the Sign-In Email to change your mail.

account profile of a zoom user

  • Enter the new work email, a valid Google ID, or a valid Facebook ID.
  • Enter your password to change the work mail.
  • Select Save Changes to change the current mail.
  • A confirmation mail goes to the new mail, and a green box displays the options Resend Confirmation and Change this request.
  • Click Confirm and Continue to save this email.

confirmation email from zoom

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