Karen Documentation

Getting started

Karen is an appointment scheduling software which enables you to boost conversions, increase engagement and save time when scheduling meetings with other people.

Customers use is it for tons of use cases, and are loving the clean and simple interface. This guide aims to get you up and running with Karen in as little time as possible.

This Getting Started guide aims to point you to all the right places.

1. Authentication

All it takes is 2 mins to sign up with Google. No hassles of password. Your account is as secure as your google account.

2. Create your first meeting type

Karen, one of the most commonly used scheduling softwares, offers two kinds of events: ‘One to One Events’ and ‘Group Events’.

After you have logged in, you can create an event by clicking on the ‘Add event type’ Button in the Event Types section.

You will be asked to select from the two options ‘One on One’ and ‘Group’, you can select the required option.

This will take you to the next page which will ask you for the information required to create the event.

Fill the desired information and you are good to go!

3. Share your link

Each meeting type generates a unique link for itself, you can share the link via email, SMS or just share on social media.

To share your event click on the copy option and send that link to your clients in an email or message. Send this link to let people book in an appointment or schedule a meeting.

Your event is created and shared now. Your clients can visit this link to schedule a meeting in a hassle-free manner.

Happy Scheduling!

If you have any queries, reach out to us at help [@] karenapp.io