One on One Interview

Recruiter schedules interviews for themselves by suggesting time slots based on your company's business rules for that interview setup.

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Pool Interview

Imagine a team of 4 recruiters interviewing 30 engineers. Karen allows multiple members of recruiting team can take turns conducting 1:1 interview.

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Group Interview

How would you go about setting up a group discussion session of 50 students divided in groups of 5, and hold finish it in an hour? Karen allows you to set up a group discussion interview in a flash.

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Sequential Interview

Getting candidates set up for an on-site interview with back-to-back interviews for each recruiter is a pain, let Karen automate all of this.

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How It Works

Forget, "What time works best for an interview?"

Build Simple Scenarios

Define your availability dates, timing of each interview, so that people don't have to ask you.

Publish Meeting Links

Share your links via email, on social media sites, or embed it on your website, and let the candidates pick and choose.

Let Interviews Fly In!

Attendees pick up a time slot, enter the desired information, and everyone's reminded before the event to avoid no-shows.

Benefit for Recruiters

Most Valuable Features

Scheduling Bot

Talk to your calendar in natural language. Want to schedule a meeting next thursday Karen will do it for you. Karen understands english, and will mature with time to understand your preferences.


Have multiple people access the same team dashboard and assign meetings to themselves per their convenience.

Candidate Database

Store all your candidate information and easily access each full and current contact info, appointment booking history and feedbacks so you can provide the individual attention that keeps customers coming back.


The better you know your candidates the more informed hiring decision you can make them. Capture meeting notes for each individual call that you have had, access these notes as and when the need arises.


We are building native integrations with multiple softwares, currently for your own needs we have a full fledged integration with Zapier, connect to over 1500+ SaaS applications using Zapier.

Candidate Experience Feedback

Recruiters aim for providing a hiring experience that matches organization's values, and that the candidates can truly connect with. We have simplified it with automatic feedback emails, which each candidate gets to fill after the interview is over.

Automatic Timezone Detection

Karen automatically displays meeting times in the timezone of the viewer. Your customers do not have to open a time-zone convertor and do the maths, we have simplified it for all.

Group Scheduling

Karen makes it easy for you to schedule meetings with a group of people define slots that would resonate number of individuals coming to a meeting.


We make it easy for you to create and list event types with your own timing preferences. You can share the link to your homepage, or you can embed this homepage on your website, from where people can make the bookings.

Our Plans



$0 / user / month
$0 / user / yearly
  • User Account
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Unlimited Event Types
  • Group Events
  • Recurring Events
  • Chatbot Assistant
  • Embed on your Website


$18 / user / month
$180 / user / yearly
  • Everything in Nest +
  • Metrics and Reporting
  • Removable Karen Branding
  • API & extension support
  • Email Support
  • Developer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Karen is the ONLY AI enabled scheduling app that is designed keeping the small businesses in mind, while you still need a human to manage your customer appointment, Karen in full swing will gradually automate everything.

We store all production data in a physically secure PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliant off-site data center. In addition all access to servers is through encrypted network channels. Finally, we have strict policies for access control that limit who can access data and when.

It is dead simple, upgrade to the Nest Plan and connect your stripe account to accept payment.

We offer a 14-days free trial on our Nest and Hive Plan. In case you signed up and you wanted a trial but did not get it please contact us: We’ll be in communication with you before your trial expires. You can upgrade to a paid plan anytime, after which you’ll be invoiced monthly. If you decide not to pay after the trial, your account will move onto the Open Plan.

Still Have Questions?

We hope our answers to some of your frequently asked questions help, but if you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch today.

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